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Being Energy® in High Tatras with Being Energy® instructor.


Come to experience silence, deep breathing and healthy rejuvenation of flow of your energy with special Being Energy® movements in beautiful nature of High Tatras.

Being Energy® movements are energy passes - movement and breathing sequences, which were discovered by old ancient seers in Mexico and were adjusted by Carlos Castaneda. Being Energy® founders are Aerin Alexander and Miles Reid a direct apprentices of Carlos Castaneda so Being Energy® is part of the continuation of legacy of Carlos Castaneda. Uniqueness of Being Energy® is in a building a bridge between modern science and the traditions of ancient knowledge and healing. They incorporate the latest scientific discoveries in the area of longevity and vitality.

It is so beautiful to be in National Park with all this nature and animals, to have silent conversation with it and to experience such energising feelings not only from nature but from Being Energy® movements as well. It is very easy to sustain states of high consciousness in such conditions.

Benefits of doing these passes:

  • come back to ourselves, to our body, to listen to our inner being, to be in present moment
  • release mental stress, emotional imbalances and daily distractions
  • experience connection and support of the Planet Earth
  • enhance your breathing and experience states of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing
  • developing coordination and balance
  • developing our listening ability and enhance our focus and attention

When: weekends, contact me for more details
Where: High Tatras - open mountain spaces
Money: to be announced
Contact to instructor: