Heart canyon - home of bears

BEAR HOME is a space for a shop where you find handmade arts, created with purpose to cultivate and remind you feeling of home. Home in a bigger scale is a feeling of echo, which appears when something resonates with you. It is the answer to the call of the desires of your own heart.

Although this feeling is associated with feelings of security, confidence and inner joy, in fact this feeling invites you to grow in your own journey.

The feeling of home is not meant to be static and permanent. It is a light, fluid and healthy feeling of home on the journey, which is related to creativity and quality to adapt. The feeling of home is related to the question – who I am. That's why I think once this feeling is perceived we can carry the feeling of home everywhere we go. And we can feel it even in situations where we are learning something new or when we are in something that is uncomfortable for us.

For me, the bear is the guardian of the feeling of home and at the same time bear refers to a wider context. Because for the bear the whole Forest is its home.

Like a bear, I travel in the realm of my home. I draw inspiration from dreams and natural shapes. In my work I embrace elements that resonate with me and thus create a feeling of home for myself. Thus, it can be said that the core of the feeling of home is to be tuned to oneself and not to be under some external "idols and authorities", as well as to seek one's originality and freedom.

The founder of bearhome.eu is Eliška Svobodová. She was born in the Czech Republic. Now she lives in National Park in High Tatras. When she was 15 years old she had a vision of a land full of Forests. And when she moved to Slovakia it was like she came home.

It is so beautiful for her to live in National Park with all this nature and animals, to have silent conversation with it and to experience such energizing feelings that she wanted to bring this wilderness into crafts and hand made production and keep it in products that it will bring it with you when you will be out of this beauty. So natural motives and materials create most of her production. She chose to use embroidery machine in her work because Slovakia is famous for its embroidery in folklore, hence her work represents a compilation of tradition and nature in balance with finding a new way and perspectives about life.

All handmade artwork are produced by Eliška. In some of her artworks she cooperates with other artists and designers.